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The childcare team are dedicated to providing the highest quality childcare & are expertly trained in all areas concerning child development & welfare.

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18 Jun 2019 17:44

Ta’daaaaa what a difference a day makes! @EvoCCScholars #outdoor #environments 🙌🏻

17 Jun 2019 16:53

We are doubling our numbers at our @EvoCCScholars branch and extending the outside play! Outdoor is being sectioned…

13 Jun 2019 18:27

A reminder to our dads and granddads: Father's Day breakfast tomorrow from 9.30am. Bacon and egg muffin anyone?

09 Jun 2019 09:57

Thank you to everyone who came to our launch today and Congratulations to all the fabulous prize winners…

09 Jun 2019 09:53

Did we mention @EvolutionChildC #China Nursery pets? #ColintheCrayFish 😉

09 Jun 2019 09:25

Ground Floor @EvolutionChildC #China is a Parent and Child Playground 👌🏻

09 Jun 2019 09:20

4th Floor is all about our amazing @EvolutionChildC #China team ‘One Team, One Goal’ #staffroom #Meetingroom

09 Jun 2019 09:14

Third floor @EvolutionChildC #China is dedicated to Early Learners #inquisitive #exploring 👌🏻

09 Jun 2019 09:11

Thrilled to showcase our @EvolutionChildC China branch that Officially opened today! #China #Hangzhou 2nd Floor i…

09 May 2019 12:19

Karen and Glyn our new Nursery Management for #Evolution #Childcare #China are in Manchester collecting their Visa’…

07 May 2019 19:07

Huge Birthday Congratulations Sarah from all the Team @EvoCCFranchise and @EvolutionChildC 🍾🥂👌🏻🍰 xxx

02 May 2019 12:39

Having fun in the forest school :)

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